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Conversion of commercial real estate into dwellings

The Corona crisis and the growing importance of the “home office” are leading to an ever-increasing vacancy rate in commercial properties. Nevertheless, they still represent good investment opportunities. But how do I finance a vacant commercial property? What points in construction law do I need to consider? For these questions, we are happy to offer you our advice.

City Micro-Apartments

What has been established in many countries such as the USA, Canada, England and Spain for many years is also gaining more and more importance in the German market: the asset class of micro-apartments. These are small, fully furnished apartments. A monthly package rental is charged, which already includes all costs, including electricity, internet and the cleaning service. The target group is students or young professionals who live independently and flexibly and do not want to worry about furniture, a kitchen or finding an electricity provider. Lüders Global has already implemented this concept a number of times, including at the business base location of Düsseldorf.

Retail and selling areas

In addition to a top location, prestigious sales areas and showrooms need a knack for good architecture and interior design. What are the important success factors, who are the customers and how do you connect your sales spaces with your product? Lüders Global will compile a comprehensive site analysis for your business location, find the optimal business owner and assist you in planning and implementation. In this way, sales areas can also form a solid, crisis-proof asset in your portfolio, as, for example, a branded flagship store at our location in Heidelberg.

Hospitality & Themed Cuisine

Even though online business is increasing the pressure on selling through bricks and mortar sites, one thing remains a venerable tradition: people still come together to eat and drink in good company. From our point of view, good gastronomy is still a solid, future-oriented component in a real estate portfolio. Of course, trends and developments also play a major role in this. Among other things, Lüders Global specializes in the design of gastronomy areas for further rental. We know the important parameters and cost factors. There exist a few stumbling blocks, especially with regard to practical utilization, such as the correct planning of logistics procedures, ventilation and fire protection concepts, etc.

In Düsseldorf, we have successfully completed the conversion of a retail area into the venue for an Asian gastronomy experience.

Hotels & Tourism

In times of turbulent market movements, international hotel projects ensure a good diversification in the real estate portfolio. Here, again and again, new trends or distortions in the market offer favorable entry opportunities.

As part of a feasibility study, we can examine potentials, locations and competition.

Together with our partners, we then develop a hotel concept with a clear market positioning.

Lüders Global offers you new perspectives in the asset class “Hotel and tourism investment”. We have an extensive advisory network in Spain, South and Central America, the Caribbean and Morocco.

Renovation of older buildings 

Older buildings have a very special charm. With their unusual room heights, ancient elements of plasterwork, or quirky façades, they are interesting as areas both for living and for commerce. However, you often have to adapt to up-to-date housing requirements. The modern division of living space, heating and ventilation concepts, measures for energy-saving, as well as the drying out of foundations and basements, often play a role here. Lüders Global will test the building substance and plan appropriate revitalization measures. We carry out many of these measures, such as façade renovation, with our own staff.

Finding a business successor

Time after time, it occurs that old-fashioned craft businesses cannot find successors. The sites for these businesses are well located, perfectly adapted, and the inventory is usable and in good condition. Of course, the seller not only wants to sell the property, but also the inventory: a total investment that often exceeds the budget of the potential successors. This is frequently a good starting point for an investor. Through a skilful search for a successor tenant and a balanced cost distribution between tenant and owner, the investor can generate real added value: he buys the property at a good price, saves on a conversion and at the same time becomes a venture capitalist financing the new tenant, with all the resulting tax benefits. Lüders Global has already supported such a process on several occasions, including at one traditional bakery in Düsseldorf.